Busy week

  • Posted on: 8 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Speeding towards Delft ... Arrived yesterday on 19:15 at home. Two hours later than normal. Anyway I got to buy cough syrop and nose spray for Hannah. She has quite a cold. Heard her coughing a lot last night. Not only Hannah, Franny joined the coughing choir big time too.

Anyway, got to do some work. Just send a mail to Klaus from Vectorfields that I solved the problem I had since Friday last week (with the help from Mari !). I hope to see Klaus again this year at the user conference. And the rest of the VF gang ! Julie, Chris etc.

Looking forward to our small holiday coming week. My mom and Wim are going a few days to a spa kind of thing, and we can borrow her car. This Saturday she is giving a Mother's day dinner and we will go to Culemborg with the train. It's good for Hannah to see that there are other ways of transport than the car. Speaking of cars, the A16 looks completely blocked. And we haven't reached the bridge yet (Moerdijk brug). Hopefully Gerard is not caught in it.

Haven't seen Gerard for a while actually. I'll ask around if I don't see him today behind his desk.

Tonight I'll spend the night in a hotel again. I've asked Ed if it was ok, he said that if I can 'write' two extra hours per week it's ok to stay in a hotel once per week. I can also send in my bills etc. I think I'll do that tomorrow, than I can send in the bill from last week too.