Another suicide attempt ?

  • Posted on: 7 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Again problems between Tilburg and Breda ... We are now waiting before the trainstation of Breda ... I guess I've to get out of this train soon ... We'll see how it goes. No announcement in the train yet.
15:50 uur
Door een aanrijding met een persoon rijden er tussen Breda en Gilze-Rijen geen treinen.
Vertraging: meer dan 60 minuten.

Sigh ...

Now heading to Geldermalsen ! AArgghhh ... horrible memories of that station, but anyways. This stoptrain from Dordrecht to Geldermalsen looked not too busy, the alternative would have been Rotterdam - Utrecht. It's my first time I think, this connection is a not even operated by the NS anymore (Arriva now). It takes a good hour to reach Geldermalsen, now we are at Sliedrecht. All these Drecht's here in the area. Dordrecht, Barendrecht, Papendrecht. A drecht is in old Dutch a ford I think, just like Oxford... not such an academic name ...

I'm in bloody nowhere in a little stoptrain in the rain. Still curious what Geldermalsen looks like these days.

Now says:
17:04 uur
Door een aanrijding met een persoon rijden er tussen Breda en Gilze-Rijen geen treinen maar bussen.
Vertraging: meer dan 60 minuten.
* Doorgaande reizigers omreizen via Utrecht Centraal.

When I was heading back from Breda to the direction of The Hague, a girl stepped in to my compartment and she had planned to go to Eindhoven. She was crying from frustration. Apparently the accident was already announced in the Dordrecht station when we arrived there. So the conductor only had to announce it in the train. That would have give us the opportunity to change trains back to Rotterdam, the train thereto was waiting on the other side of the platform. Ah well, the NS is not what it used to be, or is it ?

I booked a hotel again for tomorrow night. Coming week we want to go on a short midweek holiday to a bungalow park. And there's still a lot to do at Mapper. Thursday I'll be going to Oldenzaal again. So a busy week !

Hopefully I'll reach Geldermalsen on time so I don't miss the stoptrain to Den Bosch. I'm in Gorinchem now (pronounced Gorkum, which I only recently figured out (I always thought Gorkum was another city)). I guess the highway A15 is more or less parallel to this direction. Can't see much because of the rain. Station Arkel, another place I usually avoid. Halfway through my Snicker and Spa blue. I should have put something to eat in my bags before I left Mapper. But I've to experience some more of these events to get more in the 'prepared for anything' mode. Still 20 minutes to Geldermalsen.

Leerdam, oh wow .... I'm going to read the cvs log at